A key component of FRIDA’s work has been to amplify the voices, contribution, and influence of young feminist activism within social movements through a strong presence -in the form of publications, writing, facilitating fellowships and workshops, participating in conferences, organizing campaigns and more.

When we write

Our words, reflections, thoughts and analysis have value and credibility. Here's what FRIDA community members have been writing and co-writing in the past year:

FRIDA team member Ruby Johnson teamed up with Vanina Serra of MamaCash and Monica Enrıquez of Foundation for a Just Society to write about the practice of combining art and activism—‘artivism’—by feminist activist groups around the world. Read the paper online.

FRIDA staff and advisors Gopika Bashi, Lucia Martelotte, Boikanyo Modungwa and Maria Eugenia Olmos co-wrote about young feminists’ creative strategies to challenge the status quo from a specific FRIDA perspective for the Gender and Development Journal’s issue on Young Feminisms.

In the same issue, FRIDA Co-Directors Ruby Johnson and Devi Leiper O’Malley co-wrote an aarticle drawing on FRIDA’s experience of young feminist activism and how young feminists are reinventing different institutions based on new cultures of leadership.

Team members, Ruby Johnson and Jovana Djordjevic, unpacked the term participatory grantmaking and why it is important to let go of power, as funders, to truly understand and trust the complex realities of the community we seek to support. Read their co-authored piece.

Former FRIDA staff member, Nevin Öztop, wrote for Whores of Yore, to explain why decriminalising sex work is our only option, urging funders to do more to support the human rights of sex workers and sex workers’ organizing.

FRIDA is also among the many inspiring participatory grantmakers from around the world who contributed to the drafting of Foundation Center’s guide Deciding Together: Shifting Power and Resources Through Participatory Grantmaking.